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Project Management Community / Profile


Tool Development, Training, Networking


We stand for the possibility that effective project management is used at UVa to identify and facilitate solutions.

PM Community Vision for Project Management at UVa:
1.    Projects are prioritized.
2.    Every project uses project management components.
3.    Success in project management are recognized and rewarded.
4.    Training and tools for project management are available to everyone.
5.    The Project Management Community does not serve as a repository of project managers or as the Project Management Office (PMO).
6.    Mentoring/knowledge sharing/templates are practiced/used.
7.    Project sponsors/owners respect the project management process.
8.    The hierarchy respects a project manager’s judgments.

Promises for 2009-2010

•       The Project Management Community promises to look at all places where we can have and/or do have working and production project management information, and create a better way to communicate and access the production information.
•        We promise to create a project management road map.  This road map will present a specific application of general project management principles.
•        We promise to identify and showcase projects that use effective project management techniques.
•        We promise to review our methods for seeking feedback on what we produce.



Tom Spraggins, Steward

Michael Sturges, Outreach Manager


Organization has no sub-projects.