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For Expert Medical Device Evaluation: The Health Care Product Evaluation Center (HCPEC) is directed by health care professionals who understand the health care market as well as the needs and preferences of people who provide health care every day. It’s the ideal solution for:
- Companies seeking assistance developing and refining prototypes
- Venture capital firms requiring an objective third-party evaluation of a single device or a series of competing designs
- Companies seeking to diversify by acquiring rights to a device created by another firm
- Companies developing an off-label use for an established product
- Law firms specializing in intellectual property.

Get Authoritative, Objective Analysis: With the Health Care Product Evaluation Center, you get the definitive information you need to refine your product, protect your investment and increase your chances of success in the marketplace.

We provide impartial, systematic and in-depth evaluation of medical devices and products.

We evaluate products at any stage in development, from testing prototypes to assessing the potential of existing devices for off-label use. We provide access to some of the most experienced physicians and nurses in a host of medical specialties and settings.

We create detailed evaluation plans, employ seasoned evaluators and moderators and provide in-depth, confidential reports on the usability, efficacy and marketability of medical devices, complete with specific recommendations.

We draw on relationships at the University of Virginia, one of the nation’s top public universities, to provide consulting in such areas as engineering, worker safety, start-up management and marketing.

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