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The Center for Economic and Policy Studies provides economic data and expertise to aid decision makers in government, business, and non-profit organizations to make informed choices and to design effective and efficient policies.


William M. Shobe, Director

Yvonne T. Baki, Web and Database Specialist

John L. Knapp, Senior Economist

Stephen C. Kulp, Research Specialist

Terance J. Rephann, Regional Economist

Tanya Wanchek, Policy Economist/Lecturer

Scholarly Disciplines
Economics (1)
Places of Interest
US (2), Virginia (3)


  • VaStat: Your guide to sources of economic data on the web.
  • Virginia Newsletter: A variety of opinions about important public policy issues in Virginia.
  • Local tax rates: Information about local tax rates in Virginia from our annual survey of localities.



Timely and accurate economic data is the foundation on which every good economic study is built. CEPS staff gather, analyze, and provide access to a wide variety of data. We use online tools to generate new data and to gather existing data from a variety of sources. Expert quality control ensures accuracy and appropriateness of the data. We are developing tools to provide public access to the mountains of hard-to-get data generated by local and state government in Virginia.


Economic Data Services

Policy Analysis

Economic Analysis and Forecasting

Regional Studies

Applied Research


Organization has no sub-projects.

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Phone Number: (434) 982-5638