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Teaching, Training, Networking


We stand for the possibility that individuals, using the tools of community, make the University excellent.

This is a “community” as is commonly active now in ITS and the Library. Communities have generally self-organized as a product of intensives run by the consultants Allan Cohen, Michael Johnston and Ann Overton. Communities in this sense share three common characteristics:

  1. Members participate voluntarily
  2. Members interact as peers
  3. Members are united in a common purpose

This particular community was formed by participants who had taken as much training as possible using these “community” tools and who wanted to both deepen their mastery of these tools and to  support others at UVa who were working in community.

Participants in this community have completed Intensives I, II, and III. By opting into this community, these individuals make themselves available for consultations on any community-related issue both with individuals working in community and with the communities themselves.


Steward: Arlyn Newcomb

Knowledge Manager: Tim Tolson

Outreach Manager: John Alexander