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Teaching, Training


The Research Computing Lab provides research and instructional support for advanced technology and methodology in the science and engineering disciplines. Through our location in the Brown Science and Engineering Library, we complement the suite of information services offered by the Library and work in close partnership with subject librarians to provide seamless research and instructional support.

We offer consultation services in:

  • Software support
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Data
  • Collaboration
  • Research Communication

We have both on-demand and appointment-based consulting, depending upon the urgency and complexity of your support needs.

Normal Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat-Sun Closed



Andrew Sallans, MLIS 
Librarian for Digital Services and Librarian for Computer Science 
Manager, Research Computing Lab Manager 
(434) 243-2180

Carla Lee, MILS 
Director, Brown Science and Engineering Library 
(434) 243-2390


Kathy Gerber, MS 
Research Computing Support Specialist (scientific computing) 
(434) 982-4986

Kelly Johnston, MS GIS 
G.I.S. Specialist 
(434) 243-4242

Sherry Lake, MSIS 
Digital Projects/Metadata Specialist 
(434) 924-6730

Erin Mayhood, MSLIS, MM 
Usability Study Specialist 
(434) 924-7017

Kirsten Miles 
Research Computing Support Specialist 
(434) 924-3078

Aubry Verret 
Research Computing Support Specialist 
(434) 243-3909

Student Consultants

We also have student consultants who provide support in a wide variety of areas and methods for computational science and web technologies. Stop by the RCL service desk for face-to-face assistance. 

Isaac Bawuah, CLAS Computer Science 
Timothy Kang, SEAS Computer Science 
Adrian Santos, SEAS Chemical Engineering 
Orion De Shay, SEAS Chemical Engineering 
Benjamin Kim, COMM School 



Subject Sources

Highlights of what is available on the Web, in each of the disciplines we support.


Online Journals

Access to full-text electronic journal providers. UVa Library Electronic Collections: Links to Electronic Texts, Geospatial and Statistical Data, and Special Collections Finding Aids.


Image Collections

Links to Electronic Image Collections at UVa.


UVa Digital Library Initiative

The Digital Initiatives site includes digital collections from UVa, metadata standards, and information on UVa's Digital Library Repository.


Climatology Virginia

Climatology Virginia is a database of NCDC climate data sets. Datasets, for the State of Virginia, include Summary of the Month, Summary of the Day, Hourly Precipitation, and 15-minute Precipitation from the 1940's to the Present.


Digitized Texts

Brown SEL has begun to contribute science texts to the University's Digital Library.


To see details about each package, click on the title. Each package has different restrictions on usage. Some packages are only available via download.

Licenses for all the software listed below are available on the Research Computing Support Group's Licensed Software Database


  • Ansys
  • ESRI ArcGIS Suite
  • ESRI ArcPad
  • ESRI ArcView
  • ESRI BusinessMAP
  • IDL
  • LabVIEW
  • Maple
  • Mathematica
  • Matlab
  • OriginPro
  • PGI Compilers


  • Amos
  • Lisrel
  • Minitab
  • NVivo
  • SAS
  • SAS Enterprise Guide
  • S-PLUS
  • SPSS
  • Stata
  • StatTransfer


  • Acrobat
  • Adobe fonts
  • Discoverer
  • Exceed
  • Hummingbird Security Pack
  • LaTeX
  • oXygenXML
  • SpySweeper
  • WinZip

Web Authoring

  • Adobe GoLive CS2 (available on CLKR140-504 and -505)
  • Adobe InDesign CS2 (available on CLKR140-504 and -505)
  • Microsoft FrontPage


  • Audacity
  • PowerDVD
  • Quicktime
  • RecordNow!
  • Windows Media Player

Science and Research

  • Amos 7
  • ANSYS 11.0
  • DataSocket
  • Express Labeler
  • ExtendScript Toolkit
  • IDL 7.0
  • LabVIEW 8.5
  • Lisrel 8.8
  • Maple 12
  • Mathematica 6.0.2
  • Mathcad 14
  • MATLAB 7.6 2008a
  • MDL CrossFire Commander 7.0
  • MiKTeX 2.7
  • Minitab 15
  • NI-488.2
  • NI-DAQ
  • OriginLab
  • Python 2.1
  • R 2.5.1
  • Refworks
  • SAE International
  • SAS 9.1
  • SciFinder Scholar 2006
  • SkyMap Pro 6
  • S-PLUS 8.0
  • SPSS 15.0
  • TeXnicCenter
  • VISA

General Software

  • Adobe Bridge (available on CLKR140-504 and -505)
  • Eclipse
  • Hummingbird Connectivity 2007
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Oracle Calendar 9.0.4
  • oXygen XML Editor 9.3
  • SecureCRT 5.5
  • SecureFX 4.5











Consultation Services

Software Support

  • Computational
  • Statistical
  • Numerical/symbolic
  • Simulation
  • Visualization
  • Data management
  • Computational programming
  • Digital publishing

Competitive Intelligence

  • Monitoring and commuication of emerging technology trends in the science and engineering disciplines
  • Training on emerging technologies and methods in our service areas (ie. lab notebooks, social networking, Web 2.0)


  • Metadata
  • Data management
  • Data mining
  • Databases
  • Web/database/script programming
  • Visualization
  • Web services
  • Data curation


  • Identification of translational research opportunities
  • Connecting researchers in different disciplines

Research Communication

  • Intellectual property (IP)
  • Copyright
  • Emerging technologies
  • Visualization

Usability and User Requirements Services


The University of Virginia Library uses a "SWAT team" approach to user studies, in which a pair of consultants from the library staff - one user requirements specialist and one usability specialist - intervenes at the early stages of project development. These usability consultants assist teams incorporate a user-centered design approach to their work. Methods frequently used include focus groups, surveys, card sorting, guided interviews and usability testing.

Our Activities
  • Usability testing of websites and applications
  • Gathering of user requirements
  • Testing of user adoption


Mailing Address

Charles L. Brown Science & Engineering Library 148 Clark Hall

University of Virginia PO Box 400124







Direct Contact

Phone Number: (434) 243-8799