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Philip McEldowney / Profile

Librarian | Faculty

I work with researchers at the University of Virginia to select library materials for them. I also give hour-long information sessions introducting library databases and resources

Current Focus

Selection of humanities (eastern religions, Middle East and South Asian languages) and social science (anthropology and South Asian history) library materials

Develop Library Guides and other web sites for information on various topics. My Profile and Guides to Anthropology, Religious Studies, Tibetan Studies, etc.

One of developers of the web site for the Committee on South Asian Libraries and Documentation (CONSALD)

Future Goals

Digital Projects?

Web site listing and making critial comments on cookbooks by foreigners (non South Asianist, non-Indians) during the 19th century to the present describing and giving hints of how to cook in a foreign country, and including receipes, such as the pm9k/lectures/lectures.html” target=”_blank”>lectures given at the University of Virginia, mostly on South Asian topics, such as pm9k/lectures/bayly2001/bayly.html” target=”_blank”>Chistopher Bayly’s, but also others, such as B. F. Skinner

Learn tools and applications to use on web pages


My history is that I have focused on the modern social history of non-Western areas. My primary geographic area is South Asia or India; but I have also been interested in Africa, East Asia, and the Middle East. My dissertation was on the interaction of various groups with the colonial provincial government in central India, including the tribal Baigas, the Chamars or Satnamis of Chattisgarh, and the Marwari business families of Jabalpur from 1860-1920. My master’s was on the Pindaris of central India in the last 18th and early 19th centeries. I began a library career in the late 1980s.


Scholarly Disciplines
Anthropology (5), History (5), modern History (1)
General Interests
World areas of South Asia (1), social history (1)
Time Periods of Interest
1800 to the present (2), 19th Century (7), 20th Century (8)
Places of Interest
Africa (1), Central Provinces (1), India (5), Middle East (1), South Asia (2), Tibet (8)
Technologies of Interest
digitizing (3), video streaming (1), web publishing (1)



  • Presently a librarian selecting materials for researchers


  • B. A. (Simpson College, Iowa. History)
  • MA (U of Wisconsin, Madison. Indian Studies)
  • MA (U of Wisconsin, Madison. Comparative Tropical History)
  • Ph. D. (Univeristy of Virginia. Modern History of India)
  • MLS (U of NC - Greensboro. Library studies)


  • Association of Asian Studies
  • CONSALD (Committe on South Asian Libraries and Documentation)


topical searching

medium skills developing web materials

history research

Mailing Address

Alderman Library

University of Virginia







Direct Contact

Office Phone: 434-924-4987

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