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I am currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in the English Department of Emory University in Atlanta. My work explores the metaphorical role that technology has had in the concept of psychological trauma from the Industrial Revolution to the present. In one chapter of my current book project, I draw on GIS technologies to analyze the relative speeds of technology and trauma.

As with my scholarship, I teach courses that combine the cultural study of technology with its application within a humanities classroom. This year I taught courses on media theory and fiction, war literature, a survey of American literature (1865-2009), and an introduction to poetry. I am an instructor in the Emory Center for Interactive Teaching, where I teach fellow faculty members and graduate students to integrate particular tools into their teaching.



Scholarly Disciplines
American literature (1), Digital Humanities (5), Media Theory (1), Psychoanalysis (1), Technology (1), Trauma Theory (1)
Time Periods of Interest
Nineteenth century (4), Twentieth century (1), twenty-first century (3)
Places of Interest
United States (10)
Technologies of Interest
GIS (8), Timelines (1), Twitter (1), blogs (2), social networking (2), wikis (2)


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  • PhD, Emory University
  • BA, Brigham Young University


  • Modern Language Association
  • American Literature Association
  • Digital Americanists
  • Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts
  • Electronic Literature Organization
  • Hemingway Society

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