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Jessica Otey / Profile

Writer , Independent Scholar

I came to UVa as a Visiting Lecturer in Italian (2008-2009) after receiving my Ph.D. in Italian Studies from UC Berkeley in 2008. I am excited by the revolutionary potential of emerging digital tools, related in particular to the teaching of 20th-21st century cultural/political history and foreign language.

Future Goals

I hope one day to be able to return to teaching Italian literature and culture in some capacity. I also hope to launch a collaborative, web-based resource for teachers and students of Italian language, centered on the use of realia (images, songs, movies, etc.).


Literature and Culture

  • Modern Italian tragedy (subject of my dissertation)
  • Theater and politics; media and spectacle in Italian history
  • The Shoah (in general, but specifically in the Italian imagination)


  • Use of realia in foreign language teaching
  • Curriculum development for foreign language composition
Scholarly Disciplines
Drama and Performance Studies (1), Italian Studies (3), Media Studies (2)
General Interests
Italian literature and culture (2), use of technology in research and teaching (1)
Time Periods of Interest
19th Century (7), 20th Century (8)
Places of Interest
Italy (3)
Technologies of Interest
XML (10), web2.0 (5)

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