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John’s current focus is building community among the faculty of the humanities, sciences and arts. If you are interested in checking out the Center’s emerging activities, begin by filling out your profile in this portal or by contacting John (

John’s current research interests include community building, underground hip-hop and graphic novels. Those interests build on a career of study around folklore and popular culture. He is currently teaching “Spiritual Journeys in Young Adult Fiction.”  He has also recently taught a courses for Hereford Residential College, where he is a Fellow. One prior course focused on Underground Hip-Hop, where the students’ analysis of individual songs culminated in videos they designed, edited and published. He also taught a course for Hereford Residential College on Music and Film.


I am enthusiastically engaged with  Community work as articulated by Peter Block. My scholarly interests probe the ways that underground arts movements allow marginalized individuals and groups to move into the center. Current work is focused on Underground Hip Hop and Underground Graphic Novels.

Scholarly Disciplines
African American history and culture (2), Folklore (1), Popular Culture (1), Underground Hip Hop (1)
General Interests
Community building (3)
Time Periods of Interest
Contemporary (3)
Places of Interest
United States (10)
Technologies of Interest
blogs (2), web2.0 (5), wikis (2)


  • “Toward an Understanding of Scalability, Innovation and Academic Culture”. International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society. Vol. 4, No. 3, 2008.
  • “Story and Healing in Action: New Methods for Fostering Heart to Heart Dialogue about Race. With Rachel Saury. Multicultural Education, Winter 2003, Vol. 11,No. 2.
  •  “New Media Center Moves to Robertson Media Center: A Shared Vision for Improved Service.” John Alexander and Rick Provine. vol.III, no. 2, fall ’99. url:
  •  “Delivering Technology Through Collaboration at the University of Virginia.” With Rachel Saury, et al. College and University Media Review. Spring ’99.
  • “Flights of Time, Arrows, Fancy and Other Vaulting Ambitions.” With Judith Reagan., V.II, No. 2, Fall’98. url:
  • Revealing Possibilities; The University of Virginia Teaching + Technology Initiative. ITC. (12/98) [Won first place in SIGUUCS National competition.]
  • “Stephen Bishop; Freedom’s Darker Face” Back Home (02/92)


  • SHANTI Associate Director, Administration
  • Manager of Instructional Technology, ITC
  • Assistant Dean for Administration, School of Architecture
  • Research Development Officer for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Arts & Sciences
  • Research Administrator, Physics Department


  • M.A, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • B.S., University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Community building; team building; administration; facilitation

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PO Box 400600







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Email: john at virginia dot edu
Office Phone: 434-243-6619
Home Phone: 434-296-9124
Cell Phone: 434-249-3045
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