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Alexander Gil / Profile

English Dept., PhD Candidate | Graduate Student

Received Ph.D., University of Virginia (2012). Currently at Dept of English & Comparative Literature, Columbia University, New York, NY.

Current Focus

Before the year is over, I’m focusing on encoding the rest of the witnesses and transforming them for bare-bones presentation. I will also be creating the introductory pages for the texts and a basic navigational portal.

Future Goals

In January, I hope to develop a comprehensive search function. I will probably use Solr as the engine. My main obstacle right now is dealing with hyphenation in the transcriptions. Since I am working with documentary editions, the hyphens should be preserved, but I still need to figure out an elegant way to allow the search engine to recognize whole words.


Two of the texts have already been encoded and transformed, including the manuscript and the first published version of the play. Most of the encoding, I did during the summer of 2009. Learning XSLT provided the biggest challenge, and I’m still going at it.


This project is a logical continuation of my life-long commitment to construct an archive of literatures of the Caribbean. I have many ambitions for the Césaire module. If you are also working with collation projects and/or interested in the visualization of textual transformation and difference don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Scholarly Disciplines
Caribbean Studies (1), Critical Theory (1), Genetic Criticism (1), Hemispheric American Studies (1), Literature (5), Postcolonial Theory (1), Textual Criticism (3)
General Interests
Caribbean Literature (1), Literature (6)
Time Periods of Interest
20th Century (8), 21st century (5), World War II (1)
Places of Interest
Berlin (1), Caribbean (2), Cuba (1), France (5), Haiti (1), Martinique (1), New York (1), Paris (1), United States (10)
Technologies of Interest
CSS (4), TEI (1), XML (10), XSLT (3)


Not a member of any projects.


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“La découverte d’un tapuscrit d‘Et les chiens se taisaient.” Actes du colloque en honneur d’Aimé Césaire, novembre 2008. Presses AUF (November 2009)

“Bridging the Middle Passage: The textual revolution of Césaire’s Cahier d’un retour au pays natal.” Canadian Review of Comparative Literature. (Forthcoming 2010)

Review of Alfred Lopez’s Posts and Pasts: A Theory of Postcolonialism, The Comparatist, Vol. XXVIII (May 2004): 158-159.

Man, Woman, Hunger: A Translation of Daina Chaviano’s El Hombre, la Hembra y el Hambre. The Yalobusha Review, University of Mississippi Press (May 2003): 63-67. (This is an excerpt from my still unpublished translation of the novel)






Co-Editor of the Edition critique de l’œuvre complète d’Aimé Césaire (Critical edition of the complete works of Aimé Césaire). Presses AUF. 2009-present

Co-Editor of the e-text edition of Alexander Exquemelin’s Bucaneers of America. UVa e-text center. 2005




  • Ph.D. Candidate, University of Virginia


  • B.A., Florida International University
  • M.A., University of Virginia


  • Modern Language Association




Fluent in Spanish, French and Italian. Reading knowledge of German, Portuguese and Kreyol. HTML, CSS, XSLT and XML.


Mailing Address

120 Wahoo Way #114







Direct Contact

Home Phone: (434) 563-3130
Cell Phone: (434) 547-9524
Instant Message (IM):





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