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Instructional Designer | Technologist , Faculty, Undergraduate, Technologist, Independent Scholar

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I am one of the Instructional Designers in the College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Current Focus

Finishing the last set of TTI projects Helping on the rollout of UVaCollab Focusing on UVaCollab’s Link Tool Beginning to look at UVaCollab’s ePortfolio Planning a University-wide survey of UVaCollab

Future Goals

Linking the SHANTI portal with UVaCollab. Pushing for more social networking and microblogging tools for UVaCollab


Came to UVa iin 1997 as part of the ITG Worked on TTI and TTSP Now workign on UVaCollab with ATG


Writing Composition Technology of Writing Teaching Technology Pedagogy and Technology Portfolios, ePortfolios etc.

Scholarly Disciplines
Composition (1), Educational Technology (1), Philosophy of Technology (1)
General Interests
Technology and Teaching (3)
Time Periods of Interest
Contemporary Technology (1), history of technology (1)
Places of Interest
Development of Technology in Western Civilizationi (1)
Technologies of Interest
Pedagogy as Technology (1)


teaching composition, teaching ESL, HTML, Forms, teaching ColdFusion, some knowldge of PHP, Windows servers

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