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Director of the Insight Lab; Applied and Advanced Technologies | Technologist , Faculty, Technologist

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Eric Field is Founder and Director of the Insight Lab at the UVA School of Architecture – the school’s advanced technology research lab, with a focus on computation, visualization and simulation.  Field also founded the school’s CNC Fabrication lab in 2001, integrating digital fabrication technology (3D printers, laser cutters, CNC routers) into the school’s curriculum.

Generally speaking, Field develops strategic technologies for the school, and promotes and teaches applications of information systems in Architecture and Design, including 3D modeling, information modeling, simulation, visualization and design informatics.  Field’s expertise is in computation, visualization and simulation modeling for design.

Field is lead visualization developer of the UVA Bay Game and the suite of Global Water Games tools.

Field also develops many other visualization and information tools, including the ecoMOD Decision Analysis Tool, the Virginia Food Heritage mapping tools, the UVA Food Collaborative and Morven Research websites, and more.

Field teaches courses within the Department of Architecture, including:
- Information Space
- Energy Performance Workshop
- Special Applications of Technology 



Design Informatics: “Computing technology applied to wicked problems”

Information modeling


Information Design / Visualization

Complex Systems


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Hōryūji Reconsidered, Dorothy C. Wong and Eric M. Field, eds., Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008

The Smart Thermostat: Using Wireless Sensors to Increase Comfort and Save Energy, Jiakang Lu, Tamim Sookoor, Gao Ge, Vijay Srinivasan, Brian Holben, John Stankovic, Eric Field, Kamin Whitehouse; submitted for consideration to IPSN 2010, the 9th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks, 2009

The Central Core Structural System, A three-dimensional analysis of the Five-Story Pagoda of Hōryūji, in Hōryūji Reconsidered, Dorothy C. Wong and Eric M. Field, eds., Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008

Performative Modeling and Versioning: Experimenting with Performance Driven Design at the University of Virginia, 
form•Z Joint Study Program Report
, Eric M. Field with contributions by Gregg Pasquarelli and Christopher Sharples, SHoP Architects, 
Chris Yessios, ed., 
December 2004

A Photographic Analysis of the Kentucky Coffee trees on the South Lawn at Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest, Reiley & Associates and Eric M. Field, Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation, Forest, VA, 2002




The UVA Bay Game

ecoMOD DAT (Decision Analysis Tool)

SEED Network, the SEED Evaluator tool


  • M.Arch, University of Virginia
  • B.S.A.D, MIT


  • Architecture School UVa
  • LSP-Area ASPS
  • Insight Lab, UVa School of Architecture

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136 Campbell Hall

UVA School of Architecture







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Office Phone: 1-434-924-4033

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