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Arya Burt / Profile

Research Assistant | Administrator , Graduate Student


2002-present – employed by the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies as Project Manager for the ISKCON Oral History Project 2006 – Commenced PhD with the University of Leeds on leadership in the International Society for Krishna Consciousness after the death of the founder in 1977. 2009-2010 – worked for SHANTI as a Research Assistant


My current PhD work is part of an Oral History of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness that I am working on for the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies. As part of my PhD work I am particularly interested in narrative analysis, a phenomenological approach, and the theoretical constructs formulated by Max Weber, particularly his concepts of different types of authority, charisma and the routinzation of charisma.

Scholarly Disciplines
History (9), Religious Studies (8), Sociology (2)
General Interests
Max Weber (1), Oral History (1), content analysis (2), narrative analysis (1), phenomenology (1), qualitative data analysis (16)
Time Periods of Interest
1970s-present (1)
Places of Interest
Europe (5), India (6), United Kingdom (2), United States (11)
Technologies of Interest
Kaltura (2), Nvivo (1), Omeka (1), WordPress (3), any qualitative content analysis programs (1), visualeyes (1), zotero (1)


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I have worked as Project Manager for the ISKCON Oral History Project at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies since December 2002. This work has involved formulating interview questions, establishing gatekeepers, identifying and establishing contact with interview subjects, completing two around the world interviewing trips with visits to the UK, USA, India, Australia, Fiji and New Zealand. I have interviewed approximately 140 people. I am also responsible for the preservation of the interview recordings. All of this work is carried out on an (extremely thin) shoestring budget, which adds to the challenge. I have completed 2 chapters of my PhD thesis: “From the Charismatic to the Routine: The Changing Face of Leadership in the International Society for Krishna Consciousness”.




  • 2002 - Present: Project Manager of the ISKCON Oral History Project at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies
  • January 2009- Present: Research Assistant for SHANTI


  • BA University of New South Wales 1992
  • MA University of Sydney 1993
  • PhD (In progress) University of Leeds


Interviewing, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, report writing, administrative skills, transcription

Mailing Address


Direct Contact

Cell Phone: 310 801 4028

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