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Technical Director VCCM / LSP Music | Technologist

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David Topper has been the Technical Director for the Virginia Center for Computer Music since 1997.  His research has focused on topics ranging from real time synthesis and video processing systems, multichannel audio, wireless sensor arrays, single board computers, graphical user interfaces, and Java based network performance applications.  Other work has centered around helping build up the VCCM’s physical space, resources and community.  He has also been a supporter and contributor to the Open Source Software movement since the early 1990s.

Current Focus

Real time audio.

Robotic sensors.

Java based client/server applets.

Computer vision.

Real time video processing and rendering.

Future Goals

World domination.


Java, C/C++, Perl, Python

Real time audio, computer music, video processing and rendering, robotic sensors, wireless communications protocols, computer vision, networked multi user systems.

Scholarly Disciplines
Computer Music (1), computer science ()


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  • CLAS - Music UVa
  • LSP-Area ASPS

Direct Contact

Office Phone: 1-434-924-7355

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