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NINES is a scholarly organization devoted to forging links between the material archive of the nineteenth century and the digital research environment of the twenty-first.

NINES activities are driven by three primary goals: 1. to serve as a peer-reviewing body for digital work in the long 19th-century (1770-1920), British and American; 2. to support scholars’ priorities and best practices in the creation of digital research materials; and 3. to develop software tools for new and traditional forms of research and critical analysis.

Scholarly Disciplines
Art History (4), History (5), Literature (5), Textual Criticism (3)
General Interests
Community building (3), Digital Access (2), Interface Design (3), Nineteenth-century literature and culture (3), peer review (1)
Time Periods of Interest
19th (4)
Places of Interest
Great Britain (4), United States (10)
Technologies of Interest
Ruby on Rails (10), SOLR (3), Text Encoding Initiative for digital texts (1), XML (10)


NINES provides a finding aid for peer-reviewed scholarship in nineteenth century literature, culture and history.


NINES supports it Collex, Juxta, and Ivanhoe software products:


NINES Summer Workshops:

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Phone Number: 434-924-4064


Project manager: Dana Wheeles

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