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Lives of the Saints: The Medieval French Hagiography Project / Profile

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When complete, Lives of the Saints will consist of two major components: an internet-accessible catalog containing extensive textual, historical and material information about medieval French hagiography (Part I) and a collection of hypertext editions and translations of Lives with images of their manuscripts (Part II).

The catalog will describe the approximately 280 medieval saints’ Lives written in French between the beginning of French literature (c. 880 C.E.) and the end of the Middle Ages (c. 1500 C.E.), as well as the approximately 630 manuscripts that contain those Lives. Moreover, it will provide substantial contextual information about both Lives and manuscripts. In order to make all this information accessible, we are building a collection of analytic tools that will permit both specific and comparative searching.


Amy V. Ogden: Project Director & IATH Fellow

Worthy Martin: Database & interface design

Daniel Pitti: Database & interface design

Caroline Gates: Database & interface design, project construction

Robbie Bingler: Database design & construction

Felicia Johnson: Interface design

Research Assistants: Margaret Caldwell, Kate DeNeveu, Rachel Geer, Tiffany Stull


The Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities

The UVA Department of French

The Offices of the Dean of Arts and Sciences 

The Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies

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