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Alison Levine, Department of French
A Teaching + Technology Initiative Project

The goal of this project is the creation of a website that serves as a writing resource center for all of our language instructors at UVA and elsewhere. Any instructor of French should be able to use it to streamline and energize a writing course or to improve students’ motivation and performance in writing and/or grammar in any French course.

The site contains documents on writing pedagogy, lesson plans, power points and classroom activities for teaching, and a discussion board for writing instructors to share ideas, questions, problems. It also contains a bank of grammar practice exercises that students complete online, with no intervention from the instructor. The computer provides instant feedback and hints and also includes audio and video components that cannot be delivered through a printed workbook, thus enhancing all four skills of language instruction. All exercises are contextualized and many of them provide cultural content as well.

I hope that writing instructors at and beyond UVA will consider contributing their own materials to this site. Our plan is to keep it small and streamlined, but of the highest quality. Materials should be easy to find and avoid redundancy. Everything is organized by theme and grammar point so that instructors can easily find things that fit in with whatever language instruction method they are using. The materials may be used in any order.



Alison Levine, Assistant Professor of French, designed and maintains the project.

Category 4 Designs, Charlottesville designed the web interface.

Many members of the French department at UVA contributed materials to the site. Marva Barnett, Cheryl Krueger, Ari Blatt, and Jennifer Tsien have been especially helpful so far. Some of the materials on writing pedagogy were heavily influenced by the Little Red Schoolhouse method of teaching English composition, taught at UVA by Greg Colomb.


Teaching + Technology Initiative, University of Virginia, R.I.P.

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