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VisualEyes is a web-based tool to make it easier for scholars to create highly interactive visualizations of their work.

VisualEyes allows users to interactively browse temporal events in a number of ways. It is a generative browser, allowing users to not only view preset collections of events, but to construct their own views of the events based on selected criteria. VisualEyes makes it easy to construct complex queries about events, weaving maps, timelines, and data visualizations to encourage insight.

VisualEyes encourages primary source documents to speak more directly to the audience by providing visualizations of the relationships, chronologies, and causal events. They will often contain word-based narrative, in written or oral forms to help connect the resources, but the browser allows for a new form of storytelling, using guided visualizations. These visualizations use new methods of interpreting and presenting inquiry, such as animation over time, charts, maps, data, and interactive timelines to graphically show the relationships between multiple kinds of information.


Bill Ferster, Director

Scot French

Elizabeth Fanning






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