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Modeled upon the Oxford English Dictionary, the THL Tibetan Rich Dictionary has created a framework to collaborative document the sixteen century history of Tibetan words, including contemporary usage. The dictionary includes multiple passages from literary sources over time, audio-recordings and transcripts of speech, and illustrative images and audio-video.




David Germano directs the project, while Steve Weinberger is the editorial manager.

The Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities has supported the technical development of the project, with Robbie Bingler acting as lead programmer and Worthy Martin as superviser and planner.

Andres Montano of the Tibetan and Himalayan  staff has been the tecnical lead at processing data from other sources for inclusion in the Dictionary.


The project has been funded by the Department of Education through its IRSP and TICFIA programs.

The Tibetan and Himalayan Library is the publisher of the Dictionary.

Scholarly Disciplines
Buddhist Studies (4), Lexicography (1), Tibetan Studies (4)
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Dictionary (3)
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Tibet (8)
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Postgres (2), Ruby on Rails (10)

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