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X3D is a scalable and open software standard for defining and communicating real-time, interactive 3D content for visual effects and behavioral modeling. It can be used across hardware devices and in a broad range of applications including CAD, visual simulation, medical visualization, GIS, entertainment, educational, and multimedia presentations. X3D provides both the XML-encoding and the Scene Authoring Interface (SAI) to enable both web and non-web applications to incorporate real-time 3D data, presentations and controls into non-3D content. X3D is the successeor to the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML). It imrpoves upon VRML with new features, advaced APIs, additional data encoding formats, stricter conformance, and a componentized architecture using profiles that allows for a modular approach to supporting the standard and permits backward compatibility with legacy VRML data.

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2D (7), 3D (10), 3D animation (4), API (2), Behavioral Modeling (1), CAD (1), GIS (6), Graphics (12), ML (1), QTVR (1), Real-time (2), SAI (1), Scene Authoring Interface (1), VRML (1), X3D (1), XML (7), animation (6), interactive (10), internet (4), markup language (2), mobile (8), rendering (4), user interface (5), virtual (4), virtual envirnoment (1), virtual reality (1), web (7), web-based (9)

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  • Codes with XML
  • Compliant with ISO Standards

Usage Scenarios

. (last updated July 10, 2009)

A Teaching Usage Scenario

  • Create a 3D walkthrough environment

Version and Plans

June 21, 2009: Current version is 3.2 (release date unknown)

Interface Languages
English (416)

Technical Details

X3D Technical Specifications: link

Technologies of Interest
ISO Standard (1), Open Software Standard (1), Real-time (1), Scalable (1)

Developer Resources

World Wide Web Consortium Developer Recourses for X3D: link

Mailing List

Web 3D Mailing List: link


Web 3D tutorials: link

Pinecoast tutorials: link

More Information

X3D FAQs: link