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Create engaging interactive experiences for a wide variety of formats with the Adobe Flash CS4 Professional authoring environment. New object-based animation tools make working in Flash easier for beginning and expert designers alike, while powerful design tools extend your creative possibilities. Streamline your workflow with new collaboration capabilities that help you create interactive websites, media-rich advertisements, instructional media, dynamic presentations, games, and more. Bring it all together in Flash and deliver to audiences everywhere — regardless of platform or device.

General Associations
2D (7), Graphics (12), animation (6), interactive (10), internet (4), mobile (8), user interface (5), vector (2), virtual (4), web (7), web-based (9)

Notes on License



As of 06-27-09, the following options are available: free limited-period trial, retail pricing, educational volume pricingeducational per-unit pricing. Adobe Flash Professional can also be purchased as part of Adobe’s Creative Suite


  • Convert animation to AS3 for better movement (AutoScript, a scripting language)
  • Common user interface (Simple to use with common icons, tools and shortcuts
  • Highly advanced drawing tools
  • Action Script 3.0 allowing easier development for unexperienced and experienced users
  • Sophisticated Video Encoder

Version and Plans

As of 02-17-09, Current version is (CS4).

Interface Languages
English (416)


. (last updated July 2, 2009)

cnet, 5 stars

Adobe's linkpage to 3rd-party reviews: numerous dates, authors


UVa Support

DML (Digital Media Lab) teaches and supports Flash.

Developer Resources


Adobe’s Developer Network

Mailing List

A mailing list for new users.

Discussion Forums / User Groups

Adobe’s Flash Forum

WebPro’s Flash Forum

Flash Den


Flash Perfection


Flash Designer Zone

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