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Illustrator is an industry-standard, versitile, vector-based illustration or drawing program. It produces crisp, clean imagery for use in professional graphic and commercial designs, such as logos and product graphics, but also has limitless fine arts applications.

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As of 06-27-09, the following options are available: Free 60-day Trial, Educational pricing, Volume licensing, part of Adobe CS (Creative Suite)

Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Aftereffects can be purchased as a package (CS4 Production or Master Collection), from $1699 to $2499.

Volume licensing also available.


  • Vector-based drawing tool
  • Graphic design
  • Versitile suite of sophisticated drawing tools (including):
  • Pen 
  • Fill 
  • Transparency Gradients 
  • Blob Brush 
  • Combined Graphic Styles 
  • Exposed Gradients 
  • Live Trace 
  • Integration with Adobe Design 
  • Multiple Artboards 
  • PDF-creation tools 
  • Advanced Typography 
  • Live Color

Version and Plans

As of 09-23-08, The current version is CS4 (14.0).

Interface Languages
English (416)


. (last updated July 2, 2009)

CNet, 3.5/5 stars: (avg./editor's): link. By Dave Girard | Last updated November 30, 2008 11:30 PM CT: link.


UVa Support

The Digital Media Lab (DML) teaches courses on or involving Illustrator.

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