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Insightful Miner is a scalable data mining and analysis workbench that enables organizations to deliver customized predictive intelligence where and how it is needed. Its interface is specifically designed for statisticians and business analysts without specialized programming skills. With Insightful Miner, the user can quickly find the answers they need to solve specific business issues and easily communicate the results to colleagues across the organization.

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Modeling (3), S-PLUS (1), S-PLUS (1), analysis (8), business data (2), business intelligence (3), consulting (1), data analysis (37), data mining (33), data visualization (4), decision support (1), exploratory (1), exploratory data analysis (3), financial (1), graphing (1), insightful (1), knowledge discovery (1), pharmaceutical (1), risk management (1), software (9), splus (1), statistical (1), statistical process control (1), statistics (7), statserver (1), statserver (1)
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English (416)