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Whatever the objective of your work – an algorithm, an analysis, a graph, a report, or a software simulation – technical computing with MATLAB lets you work more effectively and efficiently. The flexible MATLAB environment lets you perform advanced analyses, visualize data, and develop algorithms in a fraction of the time it takes in C, C++, or Fortran. The open MATLAB language lets you quickly share ideas and develop solutions.

With its more than 1000 mathematical, statistical, and engineering functions, MATLAB gives you immediate access to high-performance numerical computing. This functionality is extended with interactive graphical capabilities for creating plots, images, surfaces, and volumetric representations.

Leading-edge toolbox algorithms enhance MATLAB functionality in domains such as signal and image processing, data analysis and statistics, mathematical modeling, and control design. Toolboxes are collections of algorithms, written by experts in their fields, that provide application-specific numerical, analysis, and graphical capabilities. By relying on the work of these experts, you can compare and apply a number of techniques without writing code. As with MATLAB algorithms, you can customize and optimize toolbox functions for your project requirements.

MATLAB and companion toolboxes provide engineers, scientists, mathematicians, and educators with a powerful set of tools. These products serve a broad range of tasks across a variety of industries from automotive and electronics to industrial equipment and telecommunications.

Technical computing with MATLAB lets you accelerate your research, reduce your development time and costs, and deliver better products.


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