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Business Applications based on Web 3.0 Semantic Technologies: Unparalleled accuracy of analysis and information delivery

Attensity’s self-learning applications help commercial organizations address business critical requirements through the ability to use unstructured data to drive action. Companies can now uncover and speed response to important customer feedback and events that might otherwise go unresolved and undetected.

Attensity’s applications, powered by the industry’s leading natural language processing technologies, are designed to automate related business processes, and add the rigor and speed necessary to swiftly identify often subtle relationships and root causes and to respond timely and accurately to customers. Attensity’s ability to extract valuable insight from free-form text anywhere and transform it into actionable insights offers organizations the opportunity to leverage vast amounts of data previously left untapped. Equally important, our easy-to-use business applications are not only designed for analysts, but also for business leaders, researchers, brand and category managers and customer service representatives, while also used directly by customers to efficiently self-serve.


Tool Type

Data Mining


  • Attensity Voice of the Customer allows your organization to glean and analyze your customers’ candid thoughts about your brand and products, delivering the actionable insights you need to make smarter decisions and deliver better products and services. 
  • Attensity Market Voice enables organizations to rapidly and accurately understand and analyze the market buzz found in web communities, blogs, product reviews and social media sites. Uncover authentic customer sentiments and issues around your brand, products, services, your competitors and more.
  • Attensity Response Management helps you more effectively listen and respond to customer communications – whether those communications are direct via your email channel, or indirect, via forum posts or tweets.
  • Attensity E-Service Suite offers a Service Portal and a Self-Service application that enables your customers to effectively self-serve while your agents are empowered to extend informed and efficient service support real-time.
  • Attensity Research and Discovery provides your organization with sophisticated information extraction, advanced classification and enterprise-class search of and access to internal and external data, helping you meet compliance and litigation demands while controlling costs.
  • Attensity Risk & Compliance enables your organization to manage business, operational, legal, and customer risk. Attensity Risk & Compliance provides solutions to help you manage critical customer and technical information, identify and react to fraudulent activity, and proactively respond to customer complaints.
  • Intelligence Analysis allows commercial and government organizations to “connect the dots” by delivering automatic extraction and analytical processing of “relational events” from unstructured data –not only who or what, but the “why, when, where and how.” Organizations will benefit from dramatically faster and more comprehensive detection of trends, anomalies, patterns and linkages, providing more time for analysts to aptly respond.
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