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Edition Production & Presentation Technology (EPPT) is an integrated set of XML tools designed to help humanities editors prepare image-based electronic editions. EPPT is a free standalone application that editors can install and use on their own individual computers. EPPT makes image-based encoding, the laborious process of linking descriptive markup to material evidence through XML, a relatively easy and error-proof task. Using automatically generated templates based on the data of each individual project, humanities scholars and their students, who typically have little or no prior knowledge of XML/TEI markup or encoding, can set to work with EPPT with very little training. Prevalidation techniques alert encoders whenever markup is wrong, missing, or otherwise invalid, so that their markup operates seamlessly even in the presence of multiple or conflicting hierarchies. Following emerging standards (XSLT, XPath, XQuery), EPPT is testing its broad application to external projects that preserve texts in Old English, Middle English, Old French, Old Slovene, ancient Assyrian, Greek and Latin, on parchment, vellum, paper, papyrus, clay and stone.

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