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AeroText consists of a suite of text mining applications that are used for content analysis…Sample target applications include automatic database generation, document routing, browsing, summarization, enhanced full text search, and targeted document search in addition to link analysis

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Data Mining

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content analysis (1), database generation (1), doctument routing (1), full text search (3), link analysis (1), summarization (1), text mining (18)




  • The AeroText product suite provides an information extraction system for developing knowledge-based content analysis applications. Possible applications include automatic database generation, routing, browsing, summarizing and searching.
  • The AeroText Integrated Development Environment (IDE) provides advanced graphical tools to simplify development of application knowledge bases and to speed analysis.
  • AeroText Core Knowledge Base provides out of the box capabilities to extract common entities such as person, organization, place names, etc. and relationships such as person or organization to place.
  • AeroText Knowledge Base Engine a data-independent design applies a knowledge base to your documents.



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English (416)