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  • Onix Full Text Indexing and Retrieval Toolkit

Onix is Lextek International’s flagship product. It is one of the fastest and most efficient full text indexing engines in the industry. Written using the latest research in text indexing technology, Onix is designed for easy integration into both new and pre-existing products. 

  • Lextek Profiling Engine SDK

Our Profiler is an indexing engine customized for the needs of comparing a few documents at a time against hundreds or thousands of complex queries. This is designed to meet the unique needs of the routing, categorizing, and analysis markets. You will find dramatic speed improvements over indexers optimized for large relatively static indexes.

  • RouteX Document Classifier and Router

RouteX is a toolkit designed to allow you to classify document or take actions on a document. It’s advanced rule based database of actions allows you to manage thousands of actions. You can use it to forward documents to specific people based on a criteria they pick or simply organize your documents based on their content. RouteX will allow you to really put themanagement back into document management.

  • Brevity Document Summarizer Toolkit

Brevity is a toolkit that allows you to automatically generate document abstracts. It also enables you to highlight key sentences within a document for display or as links. With automatically generated summaries your users can quickly see at a glance what a document is about.

  • Lextek Language Identifier

The Lextek Language Identifier is capable of automatically recognizing in which language and character encoding a document was written. Supports an extremely large number of languages and character encodings. Useful for natural language processing systems in addition to automatically labeling, classifying or routing documents based on their language.

  • PhonMatch

PhonMatch is an advanced phonetic matching toolkit. Unlike most matching algorithms PhonMatch uses advanced phonological methods.

  • SpellWright

SpellWright is an advanced spell checking toolkit. It provides advanced suggestion algorithms to ensure that the most probable correction is returned. The dictionary technology provides automatic corrections, memory efficiency and multiple dictionary types.

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