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NVivo collates and organizes a variety of textual and non-textual media into statistically analyzable structures.

It is also available at at substantional discount through our UVa site license agreement. See

Tool Type

Statistical Analysis




  • Import, sort and analyze audio files, videos, digital photos, Word, PDF, rich text and plain text documents.
  • Work with transcripts or work without them, analyzing material straight from audio and video files.  Or create transcripts or text files in the software as you go.
  • Customize its easy to learn interface. It’s been designed using Microsoft guidelines.
  • Import and code documents, including those that contain tables and images.
  • Work with material in any language and choose to work with an English, French, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese or Japanese user interface.
  • Query your data with a powerful state-of-the-art search engine.
  • Graphically display project information, connections and findings in real time using models and charts.
  • Share files and findings, including audio, video or sections of documents with clients or colleagues who don’t have NVivo, using HTML web pages.
  • Merge separate projects and still identify which work was completed by which person, as well as view the notes and analysis completed by each team member.
  • Explore your data with confidence using our multi-level ‘undo’ functionality.



Interface Languages
English (416), French (18), German (19), Japanese (11), Simplified Chinese (1), Spanish (15)