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PhiloLogic is a primary full-text search, retrieval and analysis tool developed by the ARTFL Project and the Digital Library Development Center (DLDC) at the University of Chicago. The tool provides support for TEI, DocBook, & plain text. The sophistication and power of the TEI-XML encoding specification supports the development of extremely rich textual data representations that encourage, if not require, development of sets of tools to exploit features of encoded text to perform particular tasks. It may be the case that one general tool will never fit all possible uses for encoded documents, but that a set of more specialized, interoperable tools for end-user applications will provide a mechanism for cost-effective deployment of end-user applications.

Tool Type

Data Mining

General Associations
data analysis (37), data mining (33), data retrieval (1), full text search (3), full-text searches (3), text analysis (20), text analysis software (6), text mining (18), text retrieval engine (3), text search (2)


  • light, fast, robust, extensively used and tested
  • few dependencies, basic installation almost wholly self-contained
  • out of the box operation with many configuration options
  • TEI-Lite XML/SGML (and variants such as MEP and CES) with Unicode support
  • support for plaintext, Dublin Core/HTML, and DocBook
  • MySQL back-end for bibliographic searching
  • optional XML-aware or non-XML bibliographic loaders
  • interoperability across certain systems
  • fault tolerant
  • open source


Interface Languages
English (416)