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Enterprise Search produces relevant, “actionable” search results out of the box: RecomMind takes a dramatically different approach to early Enterprise Search solutions: RecomMind built the CORE (Context Optimized Relevance Engine) platform, that automatically customizes search results for each individual user’s needs and circumstances, thereby providing maximum context and “actionability” of information. CORE also works out of the box, by identifying the meaning of any piece of information and relating such information to other, similar pieces of information automatically.



  • Provides users access to an enterprise’s distributed information through a single interface that is powerful yet simple
  • Built on Recommind’s patented CORE™ platform with the advantages of fully automated, language-agnostic concept search
  • Works with virtually any data source and type, including both structured and unstructured information
  • System automatically understands a document’s meaning; works with but does not require thesauri, ontologies and dictionaries



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