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TAPoR is a searchable list of tools available through the Text Analysis Portal for Research that can be used online. TAPoR is a gateway to tools for sophisticated analysis and retrieval, along with representative texts for experimentation. You can manage electronic texts, experiment with online text tools and learn about digital textuality. The TAPoRware tools are also available separately (Web-based).

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Data Mining

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data (37), data analysis (37), data mining (33), data mining software (10), text (7), text analysis (20), text analysis software (6), text mining (18), texts (10), textual analysis (11)


TAPoR is freeware.


The Text Analysis Portal contains a number of very specific tools. 

A list of the tools available through the portal:

Search tools:

  • Collocation (Plain-text)
  • Date Finder (Plain-text)
  • Find Co-occurence (Plain-text)
  • Synonym Finder (HTML, Plain-text, XML)
  • Date Finder (XML/TEI)
  • Date Finder (HTML)
  • Find Collocates (HTML)
  • Find Collocates (TEI/XML)
  • Find Co-occurrence (HTML)
  • Find Co-occurrence (TEI/XML)
  • Find Words-Concordance (HTML)
  • Find Words-Concordance (Plain-text)
  • Find Words-Concordance (TEI/XML)
  • Acronym Finder (HTML, Plain-text, XML)
  • CAPs Finder (HTML, Plain-text, XML)
  • Words Distribution—Weighted Centroid (HTML, Plain-text, XML)
  • Principle Component Analysis (Plain-text)

Text-gathering Tools:
  • Extract Text (TEI/XML)
  • Googlizer (HTML, Plain-text, XML)
  • Extract Text (HTML)
  • Text Aggregator (HTML, Plain-text, XML)

List and Statisical Tools: 
  • Tokenizer (TEI/XML)
  • QMatrix (Plain-text)
  • List Tags (HTML)
  • Tokenizer (HTML)
  • Tokenizer (Plain-text)
  • Hyperpoet Frequencies (Plain-text, TEI)
  • Test List Words Tool (Plain-text)
  • List Word Pairs (HTML, TEI, XML)
  • List Elements (TEI/XML)
  • List Words (HTML)
  • List Words ( Plain-text)
  • List Words (TEI/XML)
  • Texts Comparator (HTML, Plain-text, XML)

Visualization Tools: 
  • Pattern Distribution (TEI/XML)
  • Pattern Distribution (HTML)
  • Pattern Distribution (Plain-text)
  • Visual Collocator (HTML, Plain-text, XML)
  • Word Cloud (HTML, Plain-text, XML)
  • Word Brush (HTML, Plain-text, XML)
  • Raining Words (HTML, Plain-text, XML)
  • Hypergraph (XML)
  • Trends Viewer: Voyeur (Plain-text)

Editing Tools: 
  • XSL Transformer DOCBOOK, MEP, TARL, TEI, XML
  • TEI Transformer
  • Neko Transformer (HTML)
  • HTML Entity Transformer (HTML)
  • Raw Entity Transformer (XML)
  • Pretty Entity Transformer (XML)
  • MS Word Transformer 
  • Highlighter (HTML, MSWORD, PDF)
  • Diff Transformer (DOCBOOK, HTML, MEP, Plain-text, TARL, TEI, XML
  • PDF Transformer (PDF)

Miscellaneous Tools:
  • LiteMorph (Plain-text)
  • XML Transformer
  • TokenX (XML)
Interface Languages
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