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Glance is a web-based, screen sharing service designed to make online web demos and sales presentations easy. Glance is one of the few cross-platform web conferencing tools on the market, allowing subscribers to host or join online meetings from PCs or Macs, with up to 100 guests at a time. Thousands of companies around the world use Glance for product demos, online conferences, webinars, creative presentations, online training, remote support and on-demand application sharing. Use Glance as often as you like for one low, flat-rate price. Sign up now for a 7-day free trial and see why Network World says Glance is “the simplest, fastest way for 100 people to view your screen”.

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E-Conferencing Tools




  • Ease of Use

Sessions always start quickly – in tests, nearly three times faster than GoToMeeting® (watch the video) and WebEx® (watch).  If a connection pauses or drops, Glance reconnects instantly.  Guests don’t fall behind, regardless of connection speed.  Presentations resize to your guest’s screen settings automatically.



  • Compatibility


Glance works with Microsoft Windows® Vista/XP/2000/Me/98 or Mac® OS version 10.3.9 or above.  Guests can have Windows, Mac or Linux, using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Opera.  Works with firewall settings without compromising security.


  • Customization


You’ll get a personal URL, which guests use to join your sessions.  Add a Glance button so guests can connect from your website.  Customize the pages guests see when joining and leaving your sessions.  Include a call to action, with links to your own web site.


  • Support


Our uncustomary customer service is free and friendly.  We pick up on the first ring, from 9-5, U.S. ET, business days.  You can easily manage your own account online.  Check out our support page for tips and tutorials.


  • Privacy


Unique key makes sessions invitation-only.  You can hide your screen when you need to work in private – everyone stays connected.  You can present from your primary monitor, while working in private on secondary monitors.


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