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Elluminate is a hosted real-time virtual classroom environment designed for distance education and collaboration in academic institutions (Commercial, web-based).

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Distance-Online Education

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collaboration (15), collaboration Software (3), collaboration solution software (1), collaboration tools (6), distance education (2), elearning solution (1), live elearning (1), virtual classroom (1), virtual learning environment (1)


  • Virtual environment optimized for learning
  • Easier, more natural multi-way audio communication
  • Smoother video motion and improved lip synchronization
  • Quick and easy distribution of participants and content for breakout rooms
  • Enhanced usability and moderator control of whiteboard
  • Audio notification for recording start/stop for visually impaired
  • Expanded media file support in multimedia playback library
  • Easy access of interface elements for screen reader users
  • Accessible text for whiteboard slides available via speaker’s notes
Interface Languages
English (416)