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Your ideas don’t need a travel budget

It’s never been easier to get people together from around the world — without the cost of travel or the hassles of plug-in downloads. Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro software gives distributed teams immediate access to private meeting rooms using just a web browser and Adobe Flash Player. Robust encryption and authentication technologies help ensure that your meetings and shared files remain secure. 

  • Reach out to colleagues around the world, and across platforms 

Acrobat Connect Pro eliminates technical barriers between meeting participants. Not only is it designed to work on a variety of platforms, it also leverages the power of Adobe Flash Player. With Adobe Flash Player already installed on more than 98% of Internet-connected PCs, users can instantly access online meetings, virtual classrooms, and presentations without cumbersome downloads and IT support. And since Connect Pro is engineered to work on a variety of operating systems — including Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Solaris — even the most diverse and distributed teams can collaborate with ease. 


  • Engage users with rich multimedia


Create media-rich content quickly and easily with Acrobat Connect Pro. Acrobat Connect Pro provides full support for Adobe Flash movies, animations, streaming video and audio, high-resolution graphics, Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Presenter presentations, and Adobe Captivate® demonstrations. The ability to interwork with so many products means you can create effective, media-rich content that keeps attendees engaged.


  • Record, edit, and download meetings for anytime viewing


Record meetings and seminars with synchronized audio — from either Voice over IP (VoIP) Internet or telephone audio conferencing — and make them available on demand. Use simple mark-in and mark-out tools to edit out unwanted sections. Make recordings available for download on a website or for offline viewing and distribution.

  • Use breakout rooms to focus discussions

Within your meeting, you can create multiple breakout rooms, each with its own private VoIP or telephone conference call. Use a default template or create custom layouts for each meeting room, and provide specific content appropriate for each breakout room. Hosts can monitor all breakout sessions, move between rooms, and broadcast messages to all participants across room boundaries. When it’s time to bring the groups back together, hosts can review breakout room content with the entire group in the main room.


  • Integrate with instant messaging applications


Within a meeting or virtual classroom, hosts can see a list of invitees and their presence status using your corporate instant messaging server. Hosts can initiate chat conversations with IM users from directly within Acrobat Connect Pro. This integration helps streamline Acrobat Connect Pro with your existing systems, and makes it easy to deploy in your network.

Maintain security and compliance


  • Control security and privacy


When you use Acrobat Connect Pro, you can collaborate with confidence. Protect sensitive data and manage communication flows with robust security features, such as disabling undesired functionality and controlling access to meeting rooms. Proven 128-bit SSL encryption protects your communications and data in real time, during meeting sessions, as well as during on-demand playback and when systems are upgraded.

  • Authenticate users with native LDAP support

When users log in to Acrobat Connect Pro, their credentials can be authenticated directly against your organization’s LDAP server. The easy-to-use administration console enables you to configure LDAP server details, authentication methods, and advanced settings, such as timeouts and query page-size limits.


  • Comply with government regulations and internal policies


Safeguard, store, and track electronic communications using the compliance features of Acrobat Connect Pro. You can enable forced recordings of all meetings, save chat transcripts, and display notices and disclaimers to all meeting participants. These measures work together to help ensure compliance with internal policies, as well as with government regulations.

Customize and extend the user interface


  • Reinforce corporate branding


Customize the web conferencing experience. Acrobat Connect Pro and Adobe Presenter software provide an intuitive web-based interface that enables you to reflect your organization’s brand. You can easily apply color schemes and logos to login screens, web applications, live meeting rooms, presentations, and training modules.


  • Customize individual meeting room layouts


Use customizable tabs to organize meeting room flow and content. Easily select and arrange content windows for each layout, making the flow of your meeting intuitive and engaging.


  • Save layouts as templates for future reuse


Save meeting room layouts and content as reusable templates for personal or systemwide use. Content saved in templates becomes instantly available in new meeting rooms created from those templates.


  • Integrate with corporate portals and applications


Acrobat Connect Pro provides application program interfaces (APIs) that enable you to customize it to meet the needs of your organization. Use Acrobat Connect Pro Server to integrate web communication capabilities with the application network, including integration with portals, reporting applications, CRM systems, content management systems, and other corporate systems.


  • Enable bidirectional data integration


The Acrobat Connect Pro solution acts as a “good citizen” within an organization’s network, enabling you to leverage data contained within existing systems and export Acrobat Connect Pro content to those systems. When implemented behind your firewall, Connect Pro can transmit data files to other authorized systems, in keeping with your internal security and archiving policies.

Optimize performance, scalability, and usage

  • Reliably scale to accommodate thousands of users

Acrobat Connect Pro supports single-server or clustered environments, providing reliable, redundant deployment for organizations that must support thousands of concurrent users. The system has been architected to scale to support tens of thousands of registered users, and it provides true “round-robin” load balancing so customers can scale to support user growth by adding servers.


  • Optimize network efficiency and reduce bandwidth requirements


Because Acrobat Connect Pro can be hosted on-premise, much of the network load occurs on internal systems, keeping network traffic and associated costs to a minimum. Acrobat Connect Pro Edge Server enables the Acrobat Connect Pro solution to reduce bandwidth requirements and improve delivery for groups in remote locations.


  • Manage usage


Generate reports and chargeback details based on individual or business group usage.

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