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E-Conferencing Tools


Web Meeting Features

Now you can add the impact of visual aides to your audio conferences for more productive collaboration or compelling presentations. The service requires no additional software or hardware because anyone with Internet access and a standard browser can participate. AT&T Web Meetings are ideal for client presentations, project team meetings, external customer training, remote employee training, and provide all these features:

Desktop Sharing:  Participants can share any application that resides on their PC.

Whiteboard: There are no-set up fees or carrying charges. Pay only for the conference calls you make.

Chat: Participants can send text messages to the entire audience or privately to a specific member of the conference. 

Application Share Control: Hosts can share control of the presentation with participants. Participants can only modify the presentation if granted control by the host.

File Transfer: Participants can upload and download files. 

Desktop Share Control:Support personnel can access participants’ PCs (with PC owner approval) for troubleshooting and problem resolution for technical support applications.

Polling: Hosts can create a survey online; the results can be tabulated immediately and shared with all participants. 

Record & Playback: The host and/or participants can record the entire web and audio meeting to be played back at any time.

VideoNow: see your host or an object under discussion in your meeting.

SSL Encryption: Secure Socket Layers secure every meeting. All data traveling to and from our servers is SSL encrypted.

Unlimited Training: Unlimited training and support.

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