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Whether you need a text mining tool for fast extraction of themes and trends or achieve careful and precise measurement with a state-of-the-art quantitative content analysis method, WordStat provides a unique combination of both approaches in a flexible and easy to use text analysis software.

Its seamless integration with Simstat, a statistical data analysis tool and QDA Miner, a qualitative data analysis software gives you unprecedented flexibility for analyzing text and relating its content to structured information including numerical and categorical data.

Tool Type

Data Mining


  • Content analysis of open-ended responses, interview of focus group transcripts.
  • Business intelligence &competitive analysis of websites.
  • Information extraction and knowledge discovery from incident reports, customer complaints, messages.
  • Analysis of news coverage or scientific literature.
  • Automatic tagging and classification of documents.
  • Taxonomy development and validation.
  • Fraud detection, authorship attribution, patent analysis
  • And more…
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