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Enables users to create interactive web-based study flash cards and share them with others.” FlashCardMachine is a useful tool for creating flashcards for study, research, and organization—can print flashcards or study online; teacher resources also available.

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Learning Management Systems for Classrooms

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Students — Create flash cards to help you study for your next exam. Make them publicly available and your classmates can study from the same set.

Teachers — Create flash cards for your students. Build customized pages for each of your classes to better organize your cards.

The Flash Card Machine is updated regularly. The most recent enhancements include:

  • Font styles can be applied to the set as whole in addition to each individual card.
  • Cards can now be flagged from within the quick editor.
  • Infrastructure upgrades.
  • Integration with iStudyToGo for studying cards on the iPod.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for flipping cards.
  • The ability to add cards within the FlashCardDB to a favorites list.
  • A “review cards” screen.
  • A “move cards” feature that allows for moving and copying cards between sets.
  • Complete re-design of the myFlashCards section of the site.
  • Added paging to the myFlashCards list of flash card sets.
  • Added an ‘Edit’ link to the flash card study window.
  • A new optional “auto-flip” feature that will auto-flip the cards during a study session.
  • A new “flag card” feature that allows for easy marking of cards for future review.
  • Upgraded FlashCardDB with faster searches and the ability to report errors.
  • Drag and drop re-ordering of flash cards.
  • Ability to study from more one than one set at a time.
  • Increased disk space for audio and images.
  • Audio flash cards.
  • Flash Card Pages, that allow users to create custom pages to present their flash card sets to unregistered users.
  • Flash cards can now be re-ordered within a set and moved to a different set.
  • A new flash card editor that allows you to easily create visually rich flash cards.




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