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TiddlyWiki is a single html file which has all the characteristics of a wiki – including all of the content, the functionality (including editing, saving, tagging and searching) and the style sheet. Because it’s a single file, it’s very portable – you can email it, put it on a web server or share it via a USB Stick.

It has very powerful plugin capabilities, so it can also be used to build new tools. You have full control over how it looks and behaves. For example,TiddlyWiki is already being used as a personal notebook,a GTD (“Getting Things Done”) productivity tool,a collaboration tool, m for building websites, for rapid prototyping and much more.

You can import and export data to and from all sorts of places (Cross-platform).

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  • View TiddlyWiki files on all major desktop browsers on Windows, Macintosh and Linux and many mobile browsers such as the Apple iPhone and the Nokia 770/N800
  • Save changes to local TiddlyWiki files with modern versions of Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer for Windows, Safari and Camino
  • Community member BidiX has created an adaptation of the TiddlyWiki user interface especially for the iPhone
  • Fully configurable navigation, tagging and searching capability, all using javascript within TiddlyWiki itself
  • Backstage area for handy access to management tools including importing and synchronisation of tiddlers with external files and servers. These tools can also be used to manage a wide range of plugins which have been developed by the TiddlyWiki community
  • Full text formatting includingmonospaces text, extended formatting, non wiki word links, WikiWordEscape, pretty links, subheadings, bulletpoints, numbered bullet points, tables, block quotes, horizontal rules and the ability to use a custom Css Class and Inline HTML
  • Embedded images
  • Macros providing rich interactive features, including gradient
  • Interface options and advanced options, including the ability to generate an RSS feed, save backups and autosave
  • Keyboard shortcuts so you can finish editing a tiddler with Control-Enter or abandon it with Escape
  • Extensive Startup Parameters to control the behaviour of TiddlyWiki through specially crafted URLs
  • Translations of TiddlyWiki available in many languages, including Chinese, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese


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