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Wiki-building site where users can edit content, upload files, communicate and collaborate. Pro accounts are available. Users can build a successful personal site using plugins for Flikr, YouTube etc, optional Google Adsense, Blogs, news and RSS support and a custom domain name (Web-based).


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Wiki (8), authoring (6), collaboration (15)




  • Professional wiki technology – create a website without knowing HTML, PHP, JavaScript etc. You can create your personal site, your company’s website as well as big portals and large community forums with thousands of users.
  • Safety – secure access, live database replication to a backup server, synchronized file uploads live
  • Hosting – sites hosted on Wikidot’s servers, secure, no bandwidth or transfer limits
  • Storage – for free, you can create 5 sites with 300MB of storage for each, with upgrades available for extra storage space
  • Unlimted number of pages
  • Control over advertizements
  • Powerful wiki syntax and engine, embed LaTeX-style equations, bibliography items, footnotes and more features
  • Use your own domain if you don’t use Wikidot’s
  • Forums for online communities
  • Signature and avataras for your posts
  • Gravatar integration for anonymous users
  • Karma indicator shows users’ engagement and experience
  • Private messages
  • Easy navigation and user interface
  • Categorize content using page categories (namespaces), tags and “parent page” relation. Generate tag clouds, listings or structured site maps
  • Tags – assign tags for every page on your site
  • Roles and permissions – decide who can edit, rename, attach files, replace/delete files within your pages, who can start new forum threads, add new posts, edit posts
  • Membership on your site – allow users to join your sites and assign them roles
  • Themes
  • License of your content
  • Secure SSL login and SSL (https) access
  • Backups
  • Advanced web statistics
  • Favicons
  • Editing of meta tags
  • Cloning site
  • Control outgoing pingbacks


Interface Languages
English (416)