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Download Page: is an open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. It is available in many languages and works on all common computers. It stores all your data in an international open standard format and can also read and write files from other common office software packages.

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Writing Tools

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Graphics (12), UNO (1), XML (7), databases (5), developer (1), open source (4), presentations (5), spreadsheets (6), word processing (1)

Cost can be downloaded and used completely free of charge for any purpose.


  • Writer: word processing program that includes features such as AutoCorrect, AutoComplete, AutoFormat, Styles and Formatting, Text Frames and Linking, Tables of Contents, Indexing, Bibliographical References, Illustrations, Tables, and other objects.
  • Impress: multimedia presentation tool with 2D and 3D clip art, fontworks, special effects, animation, and high-impact drawing tools. Features a multi-pane view and ability to ‘park’ your most commonly used drawing tools around your screen ready for single-click access. Allows you to save work as pdf, html and Flash.
  • Calc: spreadsheet program that includes features such as Advanced DataPilot technology, Natural language formulas, an Intelligent Sum Button, a comprehensive range of advanced spreadsheet functions, Styles and Formatting, and a Scenario Manager for “what ifs”.
  • Draw: drawing program in which you can manipulate objects, rotate them in two or three dimensions, and use sophisticated rendering to create photorealistic images. Can be used to make flowcharts, organisation charts, network diagrams, etc.
  • Base: database program in wich you can create and modify tables, forms, queries, and reports, either using your own database or Base’s own built-in HSQL database engine. Base offers a choice of using Wizards, Design Views, or SQL Views for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users.
Interface Languages
Afrikaans (1), Arabic (4), Brazilian Portuguese (2), Catalan (3), Chinese (simplified) (2), Chinese (traditional) (2), Danish (6), Dutch (8), English (416), French (18), Galician (2), German (19), Italian (12), Japanese (11), Korean (6), Kurdish (1), Lithuanian (2), Macedonian (1), Mongolian (2), Norwegian (3), Polish (6), Portuguese (8), Serbian (4), Spanish (15), Swedish (4), Turkish (5), Vietnamese (2)