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Leximancer makes automatic concept maps of text data collections.

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Leximancer is a commercial product with various pricing options.

For academic research users there are three purchasing options:

  • Option 1 – Academic Lexi-Portal Subscription – AUD 150 for one month
  • Option 2 – Academic Perpetual Licence – AUD 1500
  • Option 3 – Academic Annual Licence – AUD 750 for one year

(Per exchange rate of 31 July 2009, 150 AUD = ~124 USD)


  • Takes a substantial body of text and rapidly consolidates it into meaningful ‘Themes’, ‘Concepts’ and their associated relationships
  • Derives the solution automatically each time to delivers true, unbiased discovery, as well as user-controlled exploration
  • Requires no onerous set-up investment in dictionaries, keywords or ontology
  • Provides a dynamic taxonomy creation and management environment
  • Gets to a results-set quickly for further iterative analysis
  • Identifies salient Concepts, each with an associated Thesaurus of ranked evidence terms in the text and groups them into Themes, allowing Concepts to be coded via the weight of sufficient evidence terms
  • Presents solution as a visually compelling ‘Concept Map’, which can be readily interrogated at either the Theme, Concept or Thesaurus level, with drill-down capability to the supporting text
  • Provides numerous outputs in spreadsheet and dashboard format Various xml exports, an interactive log-book and an innovative Insight Dashboard designed in conjunction with our customer base to give immediate insight into the solution characteristics
  • Supports many data-file sources and also provides powerful web-crawling features to consolidate and interpret data both locked within the Enterprise and on-line social media scattered over the Internet
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