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A collaborative academic bookmarking, bibliographic, and general database with rich data types, annotation, record interlinking and publication capabilities, including bibliography output and citation within Word. Reference import and bookmarklet (Web-based).

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Bibliography (20), Citation (18), Cite (18), catalog (21), catalogue (22), reference (19), referencing (18)


Heurist is freeware, open source planned 2009.


  • Search – Heurist gives you instant access to personal and shared information – from everyday web bookmarks to bibliographic and research data – with free-text and advanced search functions
  • Collection – import existing bookmarks and bibliographies and collect new research resources as you go
  • Collaborate – share resources with workgroups or groups of colleagues you define, find new resources
  • Output – define, print and publish dynamically-generated sets of resources on your teaching and research web pages: bibliographies, annotated lists, maps, timelines, feeds


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