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A Gnome application to organise documents or references, and ultimately generate a BibTeX bibliography file (Open source, Linux).

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  • Smart web links -Referencer uses documents’ metadata to provide handy links to the document’s web location – no need to maintain your own bookmarks.
  • Import from BibTeX, Reference Manager and EndNote-no need to start from scratch – Referencer will import your existing bibliography files using the BibUtils library.
  • Tagging-no need to organise your documents into rigid directory trees – with Referencer you can use tags to categorise your documents.
  • Automatic arXiv, PubMed and CrossRef metadata retrieval-if you show Referencer a PDF which has an arXiv ID or DOI code, Referencer will retrieve the metadata for this document over the internet
  • Python plugin support-Referencer can be extended using the versatile Python scripting language
  • Localisation-Referencer is translated into many laguages
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