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Yugma provides Free, Professional, and Enterprise web conferencing software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to individuals, small businesses, and large enterprises across a diverse range of industries.

The core Yugma product technology is a secure, easy-to-use, feature-rich, web conferencing and collaboration software service that allows users to host or attend online meetings using Windows, Mac, or Linux computers at a fraction of the cost of comparable technologies. Yugma technology is scalable from 1 to 1 desktop sharing to conferences for 1000+ attendees.

Popular uses of Yugma include hosting webinars, developing and presenting proposals, product demonstrations and sales presentations, enhancing online sales calls, conducting training programs, delivering customer service, holding team meetings and reviews, improving remote support and troubleshooting, facilitating study groups or personal tutoring sessions, hosting virtual clubs or social events, and providing spontaneous collaboration by artists, writers, and designers (Web-based).



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Yugma is free, with Pro version available.

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