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Erculator is a web-based software that lets you create Optimality Theoretic (OT) tableaux, check their consistency, make inferences about winning candidates and plausible constraint rankings within and across tableaux, explore language typologies, and generate images (png, ps, pdf, Latex) of tableaux for direct inclusion in Word, LaTeX, and other documents (Web-based).

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Linguistic Tools

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OT (2), Optimality Theoretic tableaux (1), latex (2), linguistic analysis (12), linguistic data (10), linguistics (12)


Erculator is freeware.


  • Generate the elementary ranking conditions (ERCs) implied by a tableau.
  • Detect logical inconsistencies in tableaux.
  • Identify harmonically bounded candidates.
  • Group tableaux over the same constraints into full OT models of phenomena.
  • Specify possible rankings of a model’s constraints, either through a collection of partial ordering statements (e.g., DepC >> MaxV), or as a set of ERCs.
  • Determine the possible winning candidates under the possible rankings and mark them.
  • Infer possible rankings from hand-chosen winners.
  • Generate the resulting typology of languages under possible constraint rankings.
  • Export your tableaux for use in other programs, like Word, Excel, and LaTeX.


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