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D2K – Data to Knowledge is a rapid, flexible data mining and machine learning system that integrates analytical data mining methods for prediction, discovery, and deviation detection, with data and information visualization tools. It offers a visual programming environment that allows users to connect programming modules together to build data mining applications and supplies a core set of modules, application templates, and a standard API for software component development. All D2K components are written in Java for maximum flexibility and portability (Runs on any platform with Java Virtual Machine).

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Data Mining

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data (37), data mining (33), visualization (29)


Free academic license.


Major features that D2K provides to an application developer include:

Visual Programming System Employing a Scalable Framework

Robust Computational Infrastructure
BulletEnables processor intensive applications
BulletSupports distributed computing
BulletEnables data intensive applications
BulletProvides low overhead for module execution

Flexible and Extensible Architecture
BulletProvides plug and play subsystem architectures and standard APIs
BulletPromotes code reuse and sharing
BulletExpedites custom software developments
BulletRelieves distributed computing burden

Rapid Application Development (RAD) Environment

Integrated Environment for Models and Visualization

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English (416)


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