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TimeWall revolutionizes timeline visualization, providing a richness of physical experience that can’t be represented in standard project planning and timeline tools.

TimeWall makes it possible for you to discern patterns over long time horizons, while enabling you to direct your focus on a particular time segment of interest. Using filters, you can narrow down information, based on any combination of structured information, including numeric and geographic.

While typical time tools are static, inflexible, and ill-suited for displays of large quantities of information, TimeWall displays time on a living, three-dimensional “wall.” By placing relevant data at their fingertips, it empowers analysts to make faster, more informed decisions and empowers users to better state their cases in court or in presentations.


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Data Analysis Tools

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Timelines (2), data (37), data analysis (37), data mining (33), timeline (5)


  • Application integration – Easily integrates into a variety of applications.
  • Data display – Displays numeric data (dates) on the horizontal axis and categories (locations, people, companies) on the vertical axis.
  • Cards for timeline exploration – Cards represent individual events, and a stretch property can be set to dynamically narrow the data range. Numeric data can be as fine-grained or broad as the underlying data supports. Cards make it possible for you to manage your exploration of the three-dimensional wall in a variety of ways.
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