SHANTI at the University of Virginia

Activities / UVa Digital Events


The UVa Digital Events Calendar compiles events on educational technology, software training, UVa Community Tools and related scholarships and programs from departments, groups, organizations and centers across the UVa Campus.

If your event has a digital component and you think it would be of interest to the UVa Academic Community, we invite you to list it here. If you like to utilize this web page for promoting your events – get started today.

There are three options for adding your events to this calendar:
  1. If you have a project or organization that has numerous events you’d like to promote here, and you use Google calendar, create a subscription link to that calendar for SHANTI, and then write to us about your events calendar and we’ll subscribe, thereby associating SHANTI’s calendar with yours.
  2. If you only have occasional events you’d like to post on the SHANTI calendar, you can simply email them to us and we’ll add them to this calendar for you.
  3. If you use a different calendar system, please write us about it and we will work with you toward integration.