SHANTI at the University of Virginia

Activities / Curricular


SHANTI is working with the College of Arts and Sciences and other Schools to determine how best to integrate innovative and academically sound uses of digital technology into research, scholarship, and the curricular activities of undergraduate and graduate students. We aim to support and help administer a variety of curricular programs in order to cultivate media fluency as broadly as possible among the student body, as well as to help mould new generations of scholars and teachers with formal learning in this area. We believe these programs will play an essential role in disseminating the digital liberal arts — as technologies, methods, and new perspectives — across the UVa Campus, as well as in building vital connections between research and teaching, faculty and students, and among disparate disciplines through cross-cutting methods, interests, and perspectives.

Two-Course Core Sequence in the Digital Liberal Arts

Our present program centers around two introductory courses taught in the Department of Media Studies–Introduction to the Digital Liberal Arts (MDST 3703/7703), delivered each Fall, and a second, more intensive course, MDST 3610, in the Spring. These studio-seminars, emphasize critical and practical aspects of the subject respectively. These courses are taught by SHANTI’s personnel in collaboration with other members of the University community.

An Undergraduate Minor

In addition to delivering this two-course core sequence, and as part of a longer-term effort to create a minor, SHANTI is working with other departments to develop a list of all courses offered at UVa with sufficient technical emphasis to quality as part of an overall program. Eventually, students will be able to choose from those courses to complete a minor. We will encourage and assist faculty to expand such course offerings within their own subject-specific disciplines. In addition, we are also compiling a comprehensive list of supporting non-credit courses offered by the Library and ITS which could be valuable resources for students pursuing the minor.